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About Us

We are a Moroccan Travel Agency. We are Your trip in Morocco, a travel tour association with professional Moroccan Berbers guides who are specialized in providing services and tours depending on the traveler’s need .
Our globe-trotters find the opportunity to feel the real Moroccan way of life with a gander at traditions, lifestyle, sustenance and true regions.
We will likely give you the primary Moroccan experience by recommending visits and activities, in any case we are continually flexible to modify our trips depending upon your departure and stay in Morocco.

Transport services are the same everywhere and a rigorous selection of vehicle type (modern passenger cars: Toyota Land Cruiser , luxury van, microbus with seat belt) are normally used. We take care to plan the driving portions in the middle of the day (not at night) and our drivers are not stretched beyond the legal or dangerously long limits (our longest route is about 6 hours, with many stops).

Lahcen Ismail
Lahcen Oulfakir ›››
Ismail Oulfakir ›››
Lahcen Oulfakir Moroccan and Berber very proud and knowledgeable of the country and all his life worked in tourism. His long travel experience allows him to travel around the country at ease. speaks Portuguese Spanish Italian and French Berber and Arabic, makes him your best travel companion in this wonderful country

Ismail Oulfakir is one of our guides who I work with over 8 years experience in Tourism in Morocco, is very much appreciated by customers for their enthusiasm and humility as well as for their desire to share their knowledge. Born in southwestern Morocco. He also speaks several languages like Spanish Italian English