Camel Trekking Moroccco

Morocco camel trekking in Merzouga desert, spend the night in a desert camp with Berber drums music under starry sky in the middle of the Sahara.

Best time to Visit the Sahara desert

The summer months between June and September can be brutally hot during the day, and not a lot of fun. Temperatures average around 115 Fahrenheit (45 C) during the summer and it’s obviously dry as a bone. Nights in the desert do get much colder however and you’ll need a good jacket even if you’re sweltering during the day. During March and April you have a good chance of dealing with sandstorms as the Sirocco whips up. Best time to visit is from October to February.

The Weather in Merzouga Sahara Desert

The general climate in Merzouga is typically hot. Rainfall is almost absent less than 100 mm per year. Temperatures are 14°C Average at winter and 35°C at summer sometimes the temperatures exceed 45°C. Nights can be very cold in winter, and cool at summer. It is better to avoid the heart of the summer, after all Merzouga in summer is very hot ! From end of June to September, during the hottest hours, you will definitively prefer to stay in the shadows, in the hotel, and you will have little time to enjoy the dunes. The rest of the year, from September to June, you will envoy the desert, and temperatures at night will always be significantly lower than during the day.

Sahara Desert Camp

The standard campsites in Merzouga are equipped with tents arranged in a large circle, with mattresses, blankets and pillow inside. Outside of the circle are the shared wash-up facilities.
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