Discover El Kelaa M’Gouna, Valley of Roses

Valley of Roses

The Valley of Roses is a beautiful region in Morocco, located in the High Atlas Mountains. The valley is known for its stunning landscapes, including lush greenery, scenic mountains, and colorful fields of roses. It is a popular destination for tourists who come to see the annual rose festival, which takes place in May.

Discover El Kelaa M'Gouna, Valley of Roses
Discover El Kelaa M’Gouna, Valley of Roses

Discover El Kelaa M’Gouna

The valley is located near the town of Kelaat M’gouna, which is also known as the “Rose City.” The town is famous for its rose water, which is made from the petals of the Damascus rose that grows in the valley. The rose water is used in many Moroccan dishes and is also used in cosmetics and perfumes.

In addition to the rose festival, the valley offers many other attractions for visitors, including hiking and trekking opportunities, visits to traditional Berber villages, and tours of local farms and gardens. It is also home to the M’goun Massif, the second-highest mountain range in Morocco, which offers excellent opportunities for trekking and climbing.

Overall, the Valley of Roses is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Morocco, especially those interested in natural beauty, culture, and history.

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