Frequently asked questions

General questions

The meeting point with your driver/guide is specified on the of the activity in our website. Usually the meeting point is your accommodation for the private tours and for most of the shared tours. In case you are not able to find the tourist guide, you can call us on our number or send an email to gather the information.
For short breaks and escapes to the desert we recommend to bring a small backpack with essentiel things. The rest of the luggage can be kept in your accommodation or in the vehicle. For private and long trips, you can bring all your luggage but the backpack is necessary for overnight stay in the desert camp.
Normally, our packages are available at highly competitive prices, especially when compared with the other websites in the same niche. Also, we offer great discount coupons on our tours. For special discounts and offers, you can contact us and get your tour customized. Also, you should be more than 6 people to request for additional discounts.
In Morocco, we have no shortage of vegetarian food, especially in the big cities and in the standard tours. In case you are being accompanied by a guide, you must let them know about your food preferences.
We understand that people have different food preferences. In big cities, any kind of food is no problem. Yet, you must tell your tour guide know about the food preference and he will arrange the rest.

Booking and vouchers

The booking should be made as soon as the booking dates are out. In the holiday period, we experience heavy bookings so you should make your move fast.
A confirmation will be sent to you soon after you have booked the ticket. If the email doesn’t appear in the inbox, you must check the spam folder. You must immediately contact us through email or over the phone if you don’t find the confirmation in either of the folders. We will make sure to send you the confirmation.
It's not necessary to print your voucher or confirmation receipt but it's better to show it to your driver or guide. You can show the booking on your phone or tablet device as well.
Yes, you can make bookings on the behalf of your friends. You just have to be very careful with the details such as name, and email address. Once the name is filled on the form, you will not be able to change it and the ticket will get ruined. Better to fill the information correctly. Also, the email will be sent to your friend’s email directly. If you are giving the package as a surprise then make sure to fill your email address and forward the email to your friend before the tour.

Prices & Special Rates

We are sorry, but we don’t provide any special packages. All our prices are the same for all the customers.
Unfortunately, we don’t offer any discounts even if you book multiple packages at the same time. We try to maintain a low-profile cost wise and offer most inexpensive deals. And since we offer services from different service-providers in Morocco, we cannot offer any discount on the services.
You can contact us personally in case of any special offers for the same niche. It certainly depends on the package and the number of the participants.

Other questions

Yes, of course! If none of our published tours doesn't not meet your requirement we can help you plan a special trip. Just contact us and we will be in touch.
Totally yes, Morocco’s main policy towards tourism is the maintaining of safety of its guests. You may be labeled to unforeseen circumstances if you choose unreliable travel company, or if you go to suspicious places. But we advise you to consult local authorities about any harassment or problems you may face, policemen are in most frequent visited places to ensure security of its goers.
You are free to wear whatever you want in Morocco, but certain norms have to be respected because of the conservative life aspects of the local people. Unlike Casablanca, Marrakech or other big cities, small towns' population are very sensitive to the modern life aspect, which includes short skirts or transparent clothes. Therefore, it is very important to cover your legs (particularly for women) and wear appropriately according to the customs of the people in the region.
A single woman may not feel comfortable during her stay in Morocco; because she may face sexual harassment for frequent times, therefore it is better, if you are a single woman, to be accompanied with a trusted and official guide who provides you with the total care and safety in the limit of service only.
There is no tipping code that obliges customers to pay a determinate sum of money. However, 10 % of the whole service cost as a tip is ideal. For instance, if the price of a formal diner in a restaurant is 50 DH, It would be kind of you to leave a 5 or 10 DH tip added, paying more is a great asset to gain better services next time. Please note that tipping is by law, not obliged, but it is a plus to earn extra free services.
The biodiversity of Morocco, and the changes of climate from one place to another ensure you that there is no best time to see Morocco. You can visit Morocco at any time you wish, but certain places are advised to be visited at its particular time. For example, If you are planning to go to the desert, there is no better time to do so than at Winter or early Spring, Summer is very rare for travelers to come to Morocco, due to the high temperature in most parts of the kingdom. Yet, there are some cool places that Moroccan themselves go to spend their holidays, such as the High Atlas Mountains, the Gorges and the stretched beaches. Visiting Morocco, therefore, depends on the type of weather/temperature you are seeking. In the desert for example, is usually sunny and hot at summer, but warm at winter.The coastal side is commonly to be humid and sunny, while in the Anti atlas and in the north is frequently rainy. Before coming to Morocco, it is advisory to consult the forecast anticipations to keep updated with any probable changes in weather, especially in your destinations.