Top Things to Do in Casablanca

Top Things to Do in Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco with a population of nearly four million. In addition to being the financial and economic capital of the kingdom, it is also the largest city in the Maghreb. The original site saw the construction of the ancient city by the Berbers near the city of Anfa, or even confused with this small city known from Roman times. The Portuguese destroyed the city in 1468 and it was they who rebuilt the city they called “Casabanca” or “white house” but this famous name will only be diffused by the Spaniards from 1781. Closer to us, from 1907 , and for nearly fifty years, the city was placed under the French protectorate and the largest port in Morocco was built, architects of Western training began to embellish the city gradually transforming Casablanca into a showcase of urban modernity.

Visitors will not fail to marvel at this double-headed city, between traditional architecture and a showcase of architectural modernity on the Atlantic shore. We taste this freshness with a certain fascination: a very Western city in Africa with its social contrasts too well known to be hidden and an excess of construction in an almost global city. Nevertheless, the oceanic climate makes life sweet in Casablanca where the thermometer never displays more than 30 ° C, which, in this multimillionaire metropolis, is a significant comfort.

Casablanca is also one of the largest trading and fishing ports in the kingdom, since nearly three-quarters of the entire kingdom’s trade passes through its port. The city is also first in university matters, in business, and its transport routes have been facilitated. Indeed, it is easy to go to Casablanca, but the visitor will be amazed at the contrast between this incredible ease of getting to the first city of Morocco, and this crazy maze of nameless streets where the locals in a hurry drive fast, living in a hellish train, reminiscent of New York, London, Paris. Going to Casablanca is therefore to visit a future city-world, where as always in Morocco the contrasts of a wild, original beauty are mixed, between modernity and tradition, control and chaos, but in the image of man.

Casablanca is therefore a very popular destination which mixes Western art with Moroccan art and which literally opens up to modernity. The visitor is charmed as much by its modernity as by its typically Moroccan small spaces.

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