Top Things to Do in Essaouira

Top Things to Do in Essaouira

Atlantic peninsula, Essaouira is Morocco’s port city par excellence, open to the Atlantic Ocean. The city has many seaside resorts and immense beaches which never cease to charm tourists. Essaouira has all the advantages of a traditional Moroccan city with all the advantages that a seaside town can offer. So it is quite possible to go surfing or windsurfing. The hinterland of the city of Essaouira offers large traditional and cultural spaces influenced by the culture of two tribes, the Chiadma (located in the North) and the Hahas of Berber tradition. Essaouira is a city created in the 18th century by King Mohamed III. It charms many tourists thanks to its fortifications that enclose it.

The Medina of the city of Essaouira charms with its exemplary whiteness, it is not surprising that it is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Essaouira attracts individuals from all over the world and in particular many artists who come to enjoy the magical universe that emerges from the old Mogador. Thus, thanks to its geographical position and its history, Essaouira offers many advantages, both historical and heritage. It is thus possible to enjoy its port which is surrounded by ramparts, its mellah.

In addition, the Moroccan city of Essaouira is really a “real open-air museum“. We can come across various practices and ways of life due to the coexistence of several religions and ethnicities but also many artists, musicians who are attracted by the charms displayed by Essaouira. Characterized as the “blue pearl of the Atlantic”, Essaouira is a city that attracts many tourists. Indeed, its setting offers many cultural activities, vast beaches, and islands that contain protected species of falcons not to mention their natural assets including the tree to produce argan oil widely known. throughout the world for its cosmetic qualities.
The city of Essaouira contains in its charms many places to visit such as the port, which is the most lively place in the city and where the fish auction takes place. It is also possible to go for around 10 dh on the island of Mogador which contains an old prison and an old mosque. To access it, it is nevertheless necessary to request an authorization from the province of Essaouira because the island is a protected site.

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