Top Things to Do in Fez

Top Things to Do in Fez

The city of Fez was created in 789 AD by Idriss 1st. Fez is the first Islamic city in Morocco and is today the second largest city in Morocco. Today, Fez has a little over a million inhabitants. Located near the Middle Atlas, Fez owes its fame in part to its craftsmanship but also to its heritage.

Fez has the oldest and largest Medina in the world and it is partly thanks to this that it is under the protection of Unesco. Many tourists come to be charmed by this city center which is not easily revealed since it is necessary to go through the great gate of Fez to enter the old sanctuary. The Moroccan city of Fès is made up of three parts, Fès-el-Jedid and Fès el-Bali which is the oldest district built by the Idrissids. These two parts form the Medina of Fez. Near the Medina is the new city of Fez which was built by the French during the Protectorate.

Fez charms first of all with its Mediterranean climate and its artisanal activities which animate its winding streets. Thanks to a rich heritage, the city of Fez is considered the cultural capital of the Kingdom of Morocco. Indeed, many cultural events take place such as the Fez Festival of sacred music which begins in June. Many cultural, architectural and heritage elements benefit the city of Fez and attract tourists charmed by their beauty. The ramparts, castles, mosques, souks or streets scented with spices are all assets that make Fez a tourist destination par excellence. Thus, one is easily charmed by its synagogues, fountains, mausoleums or historic gardens which display the warm colors of Morocco and the various cultural influences that have marked the history of Fez.
Thus, Fez is the oldest medieval city in the Muslim world which has the oldest and the largest Medina and one of the best preserved. It is easy to be lulled by its winding alleys which come alive with the craft activities. Many events take place in Fez such as the Culinary Art Festival or the Festival of Sufi Brotherhoods. It is not surprising with all these assets that the city of Fez welcomes so many people every year. Its heritage, history and culture as well as its mild Mediterranean climate can only charm and surprise its tourists.

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