Top Things to Do in Meknes

Top Things to Do in Meknes

Meknes is one of the most important cities of Morocco and has more than 840,000 inhabitants on an area of ​​94 km² and it is in fact one of the most important cities of Morocco. It is close to one million inhabitants if we take into account its agglomeration and its rapid demographic growth. It owes its name to the Berber tribe, Meknessa, who founded it in the 9th century, probably on a fortified village in the 8th century. The city became a military site in the eleventh under the leadership of the Almoravids then, at the end of the twelfth and beginning of the thirteenth century, the city was almost razed and then completely rebuilt with powerful fortifications and vast places of worship. In the 14th century the Mérinides embellished the city in turn, the city became more and more prosperous.
In the 17th century, the city of Meknes was properly rebuilt and became the capital of the kingdom under the then dominant Alaouite dynasty. It is today one of the four imperial cities of the kingdom, true memory cities of the Moroccan monarchy. It did not know any occupation as its safety was assured because of its political and economic importance. It was not until the time of the French presence in the kingdom during the first half of the twentieth century (1912-1915) that Meknes knew a few hours.

Tourism is naturally very developed there as the city of Meknes is a source of wonders, the one that was once nicknamed by the French “little Versailles” or “little Paris” is certainly one of the jewels of Morocco. We will happily visit the mausoleums of powerful sovereigns, the many museums and the many monumental gates which are reminiscent of the gates of Babylon! The Dar El Makhzen palace, the gardens or the royal golf course for amateurs! Many annual events animate Meknes such as the International Animation Festival in April, a theater festival, urban dance or Fantasia in September! Meknes is so important that it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The importance in terms of the economy is also obvious and the city is considered as the agricultural capital of all of Morocco, it also organizes the International Agricultural Show every year. It must be said that its half Mediterranean, half oceanic climate is particularly idyllic. Thanks to its strong attractiveness, Meknes, imperial pearl of Morocco, is experiencing a strong expansion of its trade and crafts.

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