Top Things to Do in Todgha Gorges

Top Things to Do in Todgha Gorges

It is in the High Atlas that the Todgha gorges are located. Its walls are famous and appreciated by lovers of climbing or rock climbing. This territory is that of Berber nomads, who come to spend the summer in the cool after a winter in the desert. The Todgha gorges extend for about 20 km, over a width of up to 2 km, for a height of 300 meters. These wonders are located in the heart of an oasis, in the Todgha valley, made up of various Kasbahs and ksars. At the bottom of the Todgha gorges flows the Todgha river, where fish are not allowed to be caught. This source can however be used freely by all. A legend even says that one of these sources is believed to cure infertility in women. Among the legends linked to this superb site, a goat would have escaped sacrifice years ago, and has been in the gorges since.

On the road to the Todgha gorges are some towns and villages, such as Tamtatouttche or Aït Hani. It is then possible to find accommodation, including guest houses fitted out in the pure Moroccan tradition. A track allows you to discover this breathtaking site. The more adventurous can ask a guide to take them to the heights, for a moment of intense climbing. In the neighboring villages, it is possible to rent equipment for climbers. The track is the delight of 4×4 and motorcycles. This marvelous setting has inspired many directors, and this dominant red color is one of a kind. The Todgha gorges are truly fascinating, and refreshing when the temperatures reach their peaks.

To have the pleasure of discovering the Todgha gorges, excursions and circuits are offered. It is possible to stay on the track, or to climb, provided you are well equipped. Some walls are perfectly studied and marked, others still remain virgin. It is always recommended to inquire about the weather forecast, because in the event of a storm the water shows very quickly at the bottom of the gorges. The Todgha gorges are a real treasure, unmissable during a stay in the Tinghir region. The palm grove along the river is one of the most beautiful in Morocco. A getaway in this region also allows you to discover a little more the Berber culture. The inhabitants are in any case happy to explain their way of life, or to welcome tourists who want to know their country better.

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